tside within - the inside without

The outside within \ the inside without

A solo exhibition by Hiroshi Kobayashi

15 June - 21 July 2019

Opening Night 14 June 6-8pm


Hiroshi Kobayashi's artwork explores the space between photography, painting and memory. His paintings, based on digitally manipulated photographs, are created by using mechanical devices, such as a dispenser machine, cutting plotter, spray gun and self-made squeegee tool. Kobayashi’s unique process, which he refers to as patagraphy, aims to capture the way that our minds consider and remember experiences of place. A term coined by Kobayashi, patagraphy combines the concept of Pataphysics, the imaginary realm supplemental to metaphysics conceived by French poet Alfred Jarry, and –graph, or an instrument for recording.

For this exhibition, Kobayashi has created a new series of paintings inspired by the landscape and architecture at Point Heathcote. Displayed within the HCP Gallery, Kobayashi’s paintings metaphorically create windows on the gallery walls, exploring the relationship between the inside and the outside, the internal and external. 


Image Credit: Hiroshi Kobayashi, The cumulonimbus cloud (detail), 2019, acrylic on canvas, 38.2cm x 53.2cm