A solo exhibition by Greg Molloy

27 July - 1 September 2019

Opening Night 26 July 6-8pm


Greg Molloy is an animator, furniture fabricator, performance artist and contemporary puppeteer. In his practice he combines these forms into immersive installations that consists of performance, sound and bespoke fabricated machines. The machines collective performance creates an intriguing perceptual atmosphere through improvised mechanistic movements. Adapting the mechanics of absurd theatre and themes of cosmic horror, the machines otherworldly appearance entrance the audience at first encounter using their fabricated appendages that are reminiscent of anatomical structure, as a pack of surreal creatures performing unpredictable multi layered ink drawings that act as portals to their alternate dimension. Accompanied by percussive sound scapes that resonate from their steel bodies through their own kinetic actions.


Image Credit: installation view, Greg Molloy