Kate Koivisto Wheeler, Waypoints #3214, digital photograph. 2012
Heloise Roberts, 17-am walk, digital photograph, 2011
under the bridge, Moira Fearby, digital photograh,2011
Heloise Roberts, 32-am walk, digital photograph, 2010
View from McCabe St, Moira Fearby ,digital photograph,2011
Kate Koivisto Wheeler, Waypoints #2195, digital photograph. 2012
Heloise Roberts, 14-am walk, digital photograph, 2010
Waypoints Promo Image
Fremantle train, Moira Fearby, digital photograph,2011


Moira Fearby, Kate Koivisto Wheeler, Richard Munsie Heloise Roberts


3 March to 1 April 2012


Waypoints is a collaborative multi-media installation by four Perth based artists; Moira Fearby, Kate Koivisto Wheeler, Richard Munsie and Heloise Roberts. Conceptual concerns explored in the work deal with the artists interaction and experience of the city of Perth: its architecture, urban spaces, and the negotiation of Perths streets during the daily journeys of everyday life. This installation will be exhibited at the Heathcote Museum & Gallery in Perth, and as part of the FotoFreo Fringe Festival, in March / April 2012.

The process undertaken to create the Waypoints installation takes its inspiration from the ideas of The Situationist International, in particular the concept of the drive or drift. This was an experimental practice by the Situationists in Paris in the 1950s where artists attempted to experience their city outside the regular division between work and leisure. Rather than trying to escape these familiar paths between home and work, this project looks at the meaning we derive from the repetitive commutes through city streetscapes - particularly urban waypoints such as roads, railways and buildings that map our daily routes.

In Waypoints each artist will present photographic images from 3 different routes they regularly take within the city - 12 journeys in total. These journeys will be adhered directly onto the walls of the gallery in a linear format, beginning at the entrance of the gallery and travelling down its length, each image thus being a waypoint along its particular route.


Artist talk

An artist talk & tour will take place Sunday, 18 March at 1pm.