Turkish Lines

Michelle Taylor

12 April to 18 May 2014

Turkish Lines is an exhibition of photographic works that explores where traditional landscape of central Anatolia and Istanbul in Turkey meet in search of modernity.

The landscape appears hostile and desolate, inhospitable and cold, yet the people are warm and friendly and ironically they complete each other. 

Stepping back in time where there are no trees and no green.  Feeling like long lost explorers we kid ourselves into thinking we were the last Indiana Jones characters trekking through kilometers of tunnels that had been dug into the mountain ridge.  Civilisations have populated these parts for four thousand years.

The landscape has become humanised.

It has traces of man literally running through its veins and blood soaked into its soil. 

However this is the landscape of the traditional where the ethnic identity and territory are coupled, yet they are facing the ever-increasing tensions in the struggle between tradition and modernity. 

This work is the quiet and sometimes loud contemplation about the seductive clichés and echoing traditions. 

Michelle Taylor’s work always has traces of home, displacement and transformation.  With beginnings in reportage and the untamed nature of it, before the bright lights of fashion, Michelle’s images have never sought to create so called perfection.  A homage to the unbalanced.  Displacement began in her search for the idea of ‘home’, is it a place, a space, a moment, a person…Michelle was somewhat of an urban gypsy for years, travelling the globe as her sense of ‘home’ shifted. 

In the chaos and frenzy of the digital world, using traditions of film and celebrating its imperfection allows Michelle to journey in the moment.  Stopping.

There is no hysteria in Michelle’s images.