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Gisela A. Zchner-Mogall


25 May to 29 July 2007

Using squares, rectangles and triangles, East Fremantle artist Gisela A. Zchner-Mogall has produced a series of dynamic works for her exhibition titled TranSfOrmed, which will run at the Applecross gallery from Friday, 25 May, to Sunday, 29 July.

Gisela was one of the winners at the recent Albany Art Prize 2007, and has just been selected to exhibit at the 2007 Bunbury Biennale. Her TranSfOrmed exhibition follows on from her earlier AUGmEnted series I and II.


Gallery Curator Soula Veyradier said the works, which crossed the line between painting and sculpture, explored minimal structural elements and delivered maximum impact. The simplicity of the industrial material used and the absence of colour draw the viewer in, she said. The dense materials used give an opaque atmosphere and the artworks change in appearance depending on the viewers position or the light illuminating the art.


The second component of the TranSfOrmed exhibition comprises lines of text that are evocative but non-descriptive, recalling the rhythms and patterns found in nature. The text works consist of three layers and the position of each layer differs ever so slightly from the previous one, Ms Veyradier said. By repeating the letters or the sentences, the text builds a structure of great expressiveness and a melodic intricacy.