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Larissa Lösch and Rob Kettels


15 May - 27 June 2021

Opening 14 May 2021 6-8pm

Larissa Lösch and Rob Kettels present Timestamp, a series of multi-disciplinary artworks representing their engagement with geology and deep-time contexts. Lösch investigates the dramatic sea cliffs and surrounds of West Cape Howe, Western Australia’s most southerly point. Kettels tries to fathom his encounter with the earth’s oldest known rocks, found in Jack Hills, Western Australia.

Larissa Lösch is a physiotherapist and artist. She received a Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) in 2013; and in 2018 received a Masters in Applied Design and Art from Curtin University (awarded the Top Masters Student Award). Lösch was diagnosed with cancer when she was 24 and since recovery has taken up rock climbing.

Rob Kettels is a PhD candidate at Curtin University. He received a Bachelor Degree in fine art (First Class Honours) from Curtin University in 2017; and in 2018 received a Curtin University postgraduate research scholarship which he is currently undertaking. Kettels was included in the Heathcote Select exhibition in 2018, and has exhibited at Fremantle Arts Centre and Paper Mountain. Kettels is a former high-altitude mountain climber and still occasionally undertakes long-distance desert walks in Australia.

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Photo: Dan Grant