time bids be gone

Tané Andrews and Moira de la Hunty

25 May to 30 June 2013

Perth artists Tané Andrews and Moira de la Hunty present an exhibition which considers time.


Continuing both artists’ fascination with the space between transition and stillness, the combined body of work promises to be an extension of the current themes found within both artists’ disciplines.


Moira’s detailed tonal renderings in oil paint portray the human experience of time, taking into consideration awareness, history, memory, fashions and thought of an afterlife. Her work portrays life, death, hope and despair. “…the paintings have a family resemblance of an implied absence, an incompleteness, some other world, be it an interior world or a period of history different from our own. There may be a longing for something that is beyond the senses, beyond ordinary desires, knowledge or practical use, but to which there is no access. Their scrupulous verisimilitude conveys the poetry of absence.” (Professor Richard Read, The University of Western Australia)


Tané’s exquisitely intricate ink drawings explore the fragility of time and change, the process of life, death and decay. With obsessive attention and respect of natural beauty and design, his delicate work is at once ethereal and strong. “The works are process driven, rendered using thousands of delicately placed ink dots, building and overlapping to create images of specimens in metamorphosis or various stages of life and death.” (Elizabeth Delfs, Manager Alda’s Gallery, Perth)


Time is a factor which remains constant in a busy, changing world. Even with advanced technology, we cannot alter its pace. Time is a major subject of religion, philosophy and science, but its written definition often eludes us.


In this exhibition, the artists will show how they consider time and its effects. The detailed works are produced slowly with dedication and care. Although the artists choose different subjects and media, there is a shared physical sense in the works, as well as in the subtle expression of time.