'Cover Up'

Olga Cironis


26 September to 2 November 2008

Tilt's first guest artist in 2008 was Olga Cironis in a site specific installation called Cover Up.

The exhibition Cover Up consisted of sight responsive installations that focused on the history of the Heathcote as a residential psychiatric hospital.

Artist Olga Cironis said the exhibition investigated the notion of disguise. 'What can seem like order can often be a mask for panic and madness', she said. Olga talked to former nurses and people who visited the Heathcote institution to discuss their understanding of madness. The work consists of stitching blankets over discarded domestic objects. These objects, loaded with their own history, come to represent something completely new.

Each piece was made from a discarded domestic object that was covered or embalmed with pre-loved woollen blankets. The covering of the objects symbolises covering up, something hidden or denied such as madness. Then

Heathcote Museum and Gallery Curator Soula Veyradier said the exhibition was an emotive exhibition that invited human interaction. Each room reflected some of what losing control of ones mind and environment may mean.


Olga took what had no value or meaning and reinvented it with all its history and created a new possibility.

The exhibition was part of the beginning of the Tilt program that was developed by the City of Melville to support local artists to provide engaging art to residents and visitors in the City. The artists are invited to respond to the Heathcote site by creating artwork through their chosen art medium.

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