Stitched & Bound 2012

A juried exhibition of contemporary quilts, presented by the Western Australian Quilters Association.


18 August to 23 September 2012 

A diverse range of contemporary quilts will be exhibited in stitched and bound 2012. The juried selection of twenty works from WA textile artists shows a range of innovation that extends the definition of a quilt.

This biennial exhibition shows selected works from the leaders in textile art in Western Australia. stitched and bound 2012 showcases the range and talents of these artists and introduces contemporary quilts as an art medium to the wider audience.

Artists include: Jannette Campbell, Marjorie Coleman, Meg Cowey, Julie Devereux, Ruth De Vos, Ruth Halbert, Judith Harvey, Cherry Johnston, Stephanie Knudsen, Jocelyne Leath, Trish Little, Peggy Lyon, Marian Magee, Adrienne Marshall, Margie McIntosh, Lyn Nixon, Marianne Penberthy, Annette Seeman, Susan Walsh, Louise Wells.

Floor Talks

A floor talk will take place at the gallery during stitched & bound 2012 on the following date:

Wednesday 12 of September at 10:00am

to attend please call 9364 5666.

Exhibition Tours

Group tours can be arranged by appointment for Thursdays. Please call Stephanie Knudsen, WAQA stitched & bound Coordinator on 9330 1005.