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Spin Cycle

Installation by Jean Astbury, Naomie Hatherley and Helen Seiver as Virginia Cunningham


21 January to 26 February 2012

Spin Cycle is an installation of over 300 layered works examining the production and use of the Souvenir Tea Towel. These tea towels are bought, sold, given and received as a flag-type symbol of we was here, a signifier of our colonial past and an icon of colonial conquest. In addition, the tea towel is stamped and marked with other meanings creating a layered effect, like culture over culture. Spin Cycle reminds us to look closely at those things we take for granted and have forgotten to see.

Artist talk

An artist talk will take place on the Friday, 24 February at 1:30pm - 3pm. Come listen to the story behind the Spin Cycle installation and tell us about your own tea towel stories over afternoon tea at Heathcote Museum & Gallery.