School Excursion Management Plan


Welcome to Heathcote Museum & Gallery The site of Heathcote Museum & Gallery is considered to be of a place of National significance and is listed on the State Register of Heritage Places. Located on Point Heathcote (Goolugatup), Heathcote Museum & Gallery is situated within the historic and heritage protected site of the old Point Heathcote Reception Home, later called Heathcote Hospital.


Today Heathcote is home to an innovative gallery within the Heathcote Cultural Precinct complex and hosts regular exhibitions from local artists, as well as a museum detailing the history of the site.


The gallery is host to eight exhibitions a year, which change every six weeks. So there is always something new for the students to engage with.


The Museum offers visitors an insight into the vital role played by the Reception Home in Mental Health facilities developed throughout Western Australia in the 20th Century. The Heathcote Museum has a small collection that includes photographs, a small number of historical artifacts, newspaper articles, maps and plans, oral histories and documents that relate to the site's history.


Heathcote Museum & Gallery is located at Swan House, Heathcote Cultural Centre, 58 Duncraig Road, Applecross.


Opening hours

Tuesday to Friday, 10.00am to 3.00pm

Saturday and Sunday, 12.00pm to 4.00pm

Closed on Mondays

Purpose of the Excursion

The Art Gallery offers a unique and stimulating art experience for students from pre-primary through to tertiary level. A program of free interactive self guided tours are available and our staff are always available to give the students and introduction to the site, history and current exhibition. We also have specific educational resources t hat are free to download from our website and relate to our fantastic exhibitions. Check out the 2016 upcoming exhibition program to discover the scope of our exhibitions for the year and inquire about bringing a school group to Heathcote by contacting or calling 9364 5666. Bookings are Essential


To assist us in providing a smooth reception and safe environment for your students, please book at least two weeks ahead.

Education Resources

Information on a range of free art based education resource kits and publications for teachers are available on our website.


Program staffing

The gallery is staffed by the Gallery Curator and one Museums & Gallery Officer. We do require that there be adequate supervision of students during their time in the gallery.

Size of groups

The gallery caters for up to 30 students at once plus parents/teachers. We suggest having the students split up into smaller groups in order to be able to move around the gallery easily. Please have your students allocated to a group prior to their visit.


We recommend allowing 25 - 30 minutes for younger students and 30 50 for older students, followed by a 15 - 20 minute break. During the break the students can enjoy the playground and spectacular Swan river views.


If the weather is nice there are picnic tables and it i s a great place to bring your lunch. Please note that although there is coffee on site for teachers and parents at Blue Water Grill there is nothing available for purchase for the students.


Supervision of students

It is the responsibility of the school to develop a supervisory team which is responsible for the behaviour of students during the visit. The supervisory team is also asked to prepare the students for the visit to Heathcote. The supervisory team must accompany the students throughout the visit to actively monition behaviour and intervene as necessary.


During your visit to Heathcote, City of Melville staff and volunteers answer any questions the students or teachers have and give a short introduction to the site but will not undertake roles in a supervisory context.


Parent helpers are required to lead small group activities under the guidance of teachers.


The Program works on a ratio of 1 adult : 6 students.


Recommended Timeline

If your school were to book for either a morning (or afternoon visit ), your visit could run as follows:

10:00 Arrive at Heathcote Cultural Precinct

10:00 - 10:10 Welcome to Heathcote Museum and Gallery- depending on group size this can either be done out the front or if the weather is inclement , in the meeting room inside the gallery.

10:10 10:35 (or 10: 50) Split into smaller groups Complete gallery workshop

10.35 10:50 (or 11:10) Programs end. 15 - 20 min snack break or walk around the grounds.

10. 50 (or 11.10) Programs conclude and students depart Heathcote Cultural Precinct.


Or the group is most welcome to stay on site to enjoy lunch, explore our parklands and undertake further activities organised and co-ordinated by their teachers. What to bring on the day School need to bring their own first aid kits an d sunscreen.


Students are recommended to bring:

  • A hat

  • Drink bottle

  • Snack

  • A pen or pencil to fill out the worksheet


The worksheets must be printed off prior to attending the site. The gallery will provide clipboards for students to lean on.



Transport is the responsibility of the school. There is a bus bay located directly in front of the gallery and this will be reserved for you upon your booking.


Wheelchair access to Heathcote Cultural Precinct

Heathcote Cultural Precinct is wheel chair acce ssible. All buildings have been fitted with accredited ramps. Th ere is a disabled toilet in the gallery . Students in wheel chairs will be able to participate in all areas of the Museum and Gallery; however, there is no wheel chair access to the look out

s located around the site. Viewings from these platforms are an optional part of the Heathcote visit.


Facilities on site

Heathcote Museum & Gallery is located on Heathcote Cultural Precinct, home to a range of historic buildings nestled among manicured gardens with picturesque surrounds and Swan River views. Heathcote has spectacular views, landscaped grounds, a unique children’s playground and barbeque facilities. BWG Steakhouse (formerly Blue Water Grill) There are thirteen artists in studios working on site


The park offers:

  • a large grassed area

  • playground

  • BBQ facilities

  • public toilets

Communication once on site

Should your school need to contact us during the excursion, they can do so by phoning: 9364 5666.

Further documentation

  • The City of Melville has public liability cover of $1 000 000 000 through the Local Government Insurance Service

  • Bus parking is located directly outside Heathcote Museum & Gallery

  • The Heathcote site map can be downloaded from our website

  • The City of Melville’s ABN is 81152433900

Booking an excursion

Excursions are free but bookings are essential, they can be booked by emailing the Gallery Curator at: The Gallery Curator role is a part time role as the gallery is closed on Mondays