Artist in Residence

Ron Nyisztor

Ron Nyisztor

July - September 2019

Ron Nyisztor has been exhibiting since 1989 locally, interstate and overseas. His paintings are held in numerous private and corporate collections and have also been awarded best in show and highly commended. Nyisztor Studio ARI has been directed by Ron for the past 12 years and is committed to a program to showcase West Australian artists, metropolitan and regional, seeking to developing a wider audience and appreciation for the visual arts.

Searching for Heathcote

I found Heathcote on a hill in winter, at dusk, above a river.

It was just as I had imagined, numerous buildings, all rooms with a view, outward looking, miles away from every bothersome thing.

In the sky above is de Chirico’s clock tower, its big shadow has passed across the courtyard once again. Birds are among the Magnolias and strelitzias, lovely sights and sounds link the paths and buildings, great older trees honour quietude and calm. The precinct has evolved from a place of healing to a place of cultural wellbeing, my own awkward awareness regarding the sites former use is surprisingly easy to overlay with its present purpose.

The creative breathing space has been an inspiration for me, it’s been an honour to have been awarded the residency for the months of July, August & September 2019. During the time I have held two workshops, one on tonal painting and the other on colour, both featuring practical studio applications for paint mixing.

In addition, I have also had the opportunity to spend time and work in my studio on two projects, a large painting for the Joondalup Invitation art Award and a series of landscapes based on the views around the environs of the Heathcote. The time spent in the studio drafting and forming this work has been valuable.

On moving my gear in I noticed the remnant reception window at the entrance to my studio, I could not help pondering a particular late night admission in 1960, a recent migrant, a man who fled troubles, had found a new home but needed help to quell rising anxieties and rogue imaginings.


I’ve always enjoyed the duality of meanings as if they might be revealing some kind of unwritten code in operation around us, it is poetic that this venue now supports and encourages individuals to focus on their vibrant imaginings and embrace alternative thinking. As a result, it continues a work that positively promotes social aspects of our community, creating balance and awareness through expression, increasing our quality of life.

The artwork for the oil painting I hope to complete for Joondalup is large at 150 x 160cm. I thought this may be too large for the residency studio, but I found the studio large enough to work at this size of painting, the light is also very good in the studio making the progress of the painting easier to carry out.

Here are a few images of the work to date, these are mainly the underpainting and the drafting for the work. I use studio specific lighting and photography to achieve a reference for the work. The title and the word associations are key parts of the work and I have been working on these at Heathcote over July and August.


I have been able to pursue a second project, painting some views of the river from the Heathcote vantage point, one aspect I had hoped to develop was a plan to encourage a group of plein air painters at the site. I thought it would be good to see a group painting outdoors. I like the idea a lot and have sounded out several plein air artists who were interested in the idea. It could culminate in a small festival, end show or annual event, Autumn or spring seems an ideal time to take in the views, there is no shortage of stunning scenery from the café courtyard.

Being included in the calibre of recipients for this residency is such an honour and I am also very thankful and grateful for the privilege to have been part of the artistic community associated with the Heathcote Cultural Precincts residency program.

By Ron Nyisztor

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Image Credit: Amanda Zuvela

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Image Credit: Ron Nyisztor

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Image Credit: Ron Nyisztor

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Image Credit: Ron Nyisztor

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Image Credit: Ron Nyisztor, photography, work in progress

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Image Credit: Ron Nyisztor, photography, work in progress