untitled (pink ground), Kathryn Haug
Wild Crepuscule, Fiona Leuenberger_web
July, Chloe Tupper_web
Out the Back, Chloe Tupper
Crepuscule (detail), Fiona Leuenberger
Faded Landscape II, Kathryn Haug_web version


Kathryn Haug, Fiona Leuenberger, Chloe Tupper


13 April to 20 May 2012


Three female West Australian painters depict a human response to time and memory through the materiality of paint.

The works in this exhibition depict a human response in time whether through association or experience. Combined with this is a heightened sense of memory and nostalgia, it is attempted to halt for a moment the uncapturable essence of this.

The artists love of beauty and sensitivity link these works to the known rather than new ground, although ultimately the work may achieve this. Representation is present in the work although often this is superseded by the materiality of paint as the artists aim to interpret image through thought and feeling.