Rosa Cilice 2
Ibis Earrings - recycled black acrylic and sterling silver
Brenda Ridgewell hi res

Precious Makers

Carolyn Gorman, Carrie McDowell and Brenda Ridgewell


30 January to 1 March 2009

Carrie McDowell, Brenda Ridgewell and Carolyn Gorman are contemporary artists using jewellery as their medium. Contemporary jewellery pieces are not only stylish and unique conversation pieces, but works with artistic integrity. Pieces have the benefit of being very marketable artefacts that offer relative exclusiveness, adorning the wearer with an artwork that distinguishes them and expresses individuality.


The closeness of a piece of jewellery provides an intimate way for a person to engage with art. This exhibition challenges the conventions of jewellery and the potential wearability of three dimensional objects.


The exhibition consists of exclusive, original art forms with a related limited series as an extension of the original idea. Maintaining an individual approach, limited editions provide accessibility to the discerning public and make wearable art affordable.