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Peter Ciemitis, Maija Medenis,
Gabrielle Mazalevskis, Maris Raudzins and Len Zuk

2 March to 7 April 2013




It is common for artists to explore in-between places; zones of brief occupation that hide possible menace. Penumbra is such a space. It literally means ‘half shadow’ or ‘twilight’; a state which either promises emergence into the light, or threatens darkness. It is a place where it is not possible to stay.


The works in this exhibition in some way deal with twilight, either absent or directly present. They seldom deal with the idea of this ‘in-betweeness’ as a physical thing, but rather as an internal space in thoughts or emotions.


Penumbra invites you on your own journey to interpret these half-shadow places, and more particularly asks you the question; “where would you go from here?”


The Penumbra artists are accomplished practitioners acknowledged locally, nationally and/or internationally.