Anna Nazzari, Tanisha Burtnyk, Gina Cinanni,

Moira Doropoulos and Marzena Topka

27 September to 2 November 2014

Exhibition Catalogue

The expression “otherworldly” is frequently used to define something of, concerning, or attributable to another world, typically a mystical or transcendental world. Otherworldly places, spaces or objects are thus articulated as stretching beyond the common thoughts or experiences of this world.  By accepting that “our” world is regularly portrayed, defined and explained by invented and distorted representations of reality, the role of “otherworldly,” in this exhibition, is to paradoxically parallel, redeem, raise awareness of, or memorialise an experience or aspect of reality.

In the proposed exhibition, Otherworldly: Altered Objects and Artificial Spaces, the artists selected will create a series of strange objects and supersensory spaces that capitalise on the illusory facets of the otherworld to communicate novel visions of reality. Through the imagined lens of past histories and distant futures, the works will comprise of dreamlike environments, psychic and celestial presences, weird forms and poly-dimensional depictions of time and space.

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