A solo exhibition by Matthew Pope

27 July - 1 September 2019

Opening Night 26 July 6-8pm


Multidisciplinary artist Matthew Pope explores the archival, historic and narrative nature of the found object. Working in reference to Dada and Fluxus artists of the past, Pope aims to use his own body in video and live performance to enhance or contrast meanings connected to the objects. The work centres around the found object, through assemblage, performance documentation, video projection and sculptural installation, the works will enhance and challenge the viewers’ preconceived perceptions of these seemingly mundane objects. Pope hopes that in connecting to found objects and understanding their purpose and meaning, he can alter the perceptions surrounding the objects and cause further relationships to form. Pope aims to bring importance and admiration to found objects, to form relationships with them and to challenge the viewers’ perception of these everyday objects.


Image Credit: Matthew Pope, Test for ‘Vision’, 2019, Digital Test of Installation, Variable