Material Pleasure

Recent TAFE graduates Gemma Dodd, Natalie Williamson, Mandy Harwood, Melissa Carey and Katie Martin


29 February to 6 April 2008

Five emerging female artists have joined forces to present a new exhibition titled Material Pleasure at Heathcote Museum and Gallery. Each will display new works that take a playful and interesting look at the theme of materiality in art.


Curator Soula Veyradier said each artist approached the theme from a different perspective and used a different medium. The result is an extremely varied and imaginative exhibition based on each artists notion of materiality, she said.


Harwoods works includes an oversized chandelier made entirely from black felt. Usually a symbol for wealth and refinement, this chandelier challenges opulence by taking away the light and sparkle and using a traditionally nurturing and humble material.


Dodds work muses over the idea of materialism, the fantasy home, woman, and lifestyle, while Williamson has created a range of floral textile pieces using fake flowers and plants.


Martin reflects upon the transition between rural and urban Australia, using different materials that she then prints and paints over with landscapes and imagery from her experiences. Carey uses photography, drawing and print on gauzy fabric and paper to express a yearning for the inner child and for higher spiritual ideas.