Lucy Aboagye

Creative Studio - Administration Building


Lucy Aboagye is a creative entrepreneur and founder of Not Yet Perfect - a Ceramics business specialising in Boutique Creative workshops.


After graduating with her degree in Fashion Design at Curtin University, Lucy worked in the fashion industry for some years, both in Australia and internationally.

After a life changing design trip to India, Lucy made a drastic career move, and began teaching at a high school for at risk youth. Having seen the power creativity can have on communities and on individuals, there was a strong urge to change the way her creative skills were being used to impact not only her, but those around her.

It was during her time as a teacher that Lucy took up pottery lessons and developed a love for the craft.

After three years of high school teaching, Lucy made the decision to step out and pursue her passion of owning her own business and Not Yet Perfect was launched.