Polydactyly of a human hand. Ink & pencil on paper 29.7x 42cm
Stephalia - Large Jellyfish. Ink  & pencil on paper 29.7 x 42cm
Slide of cells under microscope.  Ink & pencil on paper 29.7x 42 cm
Tropiometra - Soft Sea Coral. Ink on paper 29.7 cmx 42 cm


Narda McMahon


29 May to 5 July 2009

Local artist Narda McMahon will provide viewers with an engaging display of the microscopic world in her first solo exhibition. In Kingdom, drawings, ceramics, sculptures and paintings are used to portray life forms beyond ordinary perception, whether they exist in the sea, in the soil or under our own skin.

Kingdom is the highest classification for natural things. In the early 19th century the discovery of strange living things began with the invention of the microscope. All the forms within this space do exist in reality. I am exploring the relationships these natural life forms have to each other including autonomy, dependency and loss. I am magnifying the form and structures of an unseen realm below and revealing parallel concepts in the world above.


Much of the natural world is hidden from us. Through the lens of a microscope lives a universe of life and beauty. This place is hidden from sight because of the restricted ability of the human eye.


In this microscopic view we have extended the power of the human eye and thus stretched the human mind. Thus giving sight to other kingdoms that are contained in a space smaller than a flea. These specimens have been captured microscopically and enlarged to macroscopic proportions. These organisms are seen from unexpected viewpoints or in unusual ways. In this invisible realm there lies a world of fascinating and endless detail that will delight the eye and the mind of anyone with an interest in the universe that is around us and within us.


Revealing the structures hidden beneath gives us an insight into the vastness of colour, pattern, texture and form inherit in this universe we live in. This exhibition is an exploration of these natural forms  under the lens, found in the sea or below the skin.


The following work has been studied and recorded through painting, drawing and sculpture. Leading us through the infinite patterns and configurations of plant anatomy and invertebrate biology. The vivid hues of virus cells and the geometry of single celled animals. We are walking through the natural world and exploring the designs of functioning life forms.