ML Stratton  Regeneration After Fire '1'  web
Re-emerging Drypoint&Collagraph 29x21cm
Experiment 4 Nannup Paperbark Still from Motion Jane Hardy
15 Wetland afternoon collage 30 x 230cm

Inked Up - Printmakers Landscape

Kay Gibson, Emily Douglas, Mary Lynne Stratton, Jane Hardy and Robyn Collins

16 November to 22 December 2013

We have worked, lived and breathed the fascinating and unique landscape of the South West Region of WA, around Margaret River and Busselton for many years.  The work investigates our connections to place and is informed by an exploration of our individual responses to the natural environment and its significance in our everyday lives.


The work suggests a wider influence of how the natural landscape interrelates with our everyday lives and from this perspective seeks to portray a broad understanding of a connection to place and the significance of that role.


The work explores ecosystems such as the world renowned conservation area of the Busselton Wetlands, the effect of fire ravaged sand dunes and bush lands near Margaret River as well as a closer intimate examination of the interaction between our domestic world and the natural landscape. This project raises awareness about how we view the landscape, its attributes and impact on our lives.


A broad range of printmaking techniques has been used by the five artists including mono-printing, collagraphs, digital printing, sculptural forms, collage, engraving, lino-printing, etching and dry-point, with each body of work embracing themes of our connection to the landscape.


The Heathcote Museum and Gallery is situated on the Swan River and is a perfect location to exhibit a group show of this theme as it celebrates part of the special uniqueness and diversity of the Western Australian landscape. Visitors who attend the exhibition will be able to enjoy the natural surroundings of the Swan River as well as the gallery atmosphere which will house the unique works of each artist in both open spaces and the smaller intimate spaces that Heathcote gallery provides. The exhibition will offer opportunity for visitors to see the significant role the landscape environment of the South-West Region of Western Australia plays in the artist’s everyday lives. 


This will also be a very important opportunity to take our work to the city of Perth to a wider audience after exhibiting extensively in the South West region for many years, where we are already  well known and respected artists.