Heathcote Studio Door

Information for Artists

 Thank you for your interest in supplying your work on consignment for sale through Heathcote Studio Door. 

Heathcote Studio Door’s mission is to support artistic excellence and foster Western Australian artists in a sustainable manner.


Prerequisites for supplying HSD

  • Artist must be a WA resident;

  • All work must be handmade/designed locally (WA), and,

  • Artist must sign and agree to the terms in the Consignment For Sale Agreement.

Application Process

Your work will be assessed by a panel of people to decide its suitability.

Once your work is accepted you will be provided with a Consignment For Sale Agreement. This agreement must be filled out, signed and returned to the gallery before your work can be sold. Heathcote Studio Door takes a 20% commission.

The initial consignment period is 3 months and will be re-assessed after this time.

Work will not be accepted without all of the required information provided.



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58 Duncraig Rd Applecross WA

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