Words and Pictures, Etchings..., by Pat Thomas
2 Pat Thomas
2 Daniela Dlugocz
1 Daniela Dlugocz

'Incite Insight'

Daniela Dlugocz and Pat Thomas


2 October to 8 November 2009

This exhibition explores layers and manipulation of imagery, with human and media motifs, in order to challenge the viewer to engage and take time to explore the deeper meaning of the works.

The play on words incite and insight indicate the link and the difference between Daniela and Pat's work. Daniela explores the limits of vision by limiting the contrast in her works and causing the viewer to look carefully to gain insights into the subject, whereas Pat's work looks at the way information in the electronic age is manipulated and repeated to influence and incite the viewer. These works, although different in execution, are similar in the respect that they require the viewer to take time to fully appreciate the essential concepts.