'Improbable Returns'

Christopher Young and Elisa Markes-Young

5 March to 10 April 2016
Official Opening: Friday, 4 March 2016

Perth-based artists Elisa Markes-Young (b. 1965, Poland, Textiles) and Christopher Young (b. 1974, New Zealand, Photography) look at their cultural origins with disparate materials and approaches finding common ground. Following absences of 25-30 years, both artists returned to their "homes" exploring childhood nostalgia, cultural displacement and identity.

Their work questions whether a return to some sort of "home land" would prove disappointing or ultimately validate homesickness. Perhaps these mythical places never existed and are just the result of being cherished and embellished throughout the years.

Both artists attempt to decode how and why they work the ways they do. These intimate works also explore themes including estrangement and the losses that often result from migration.


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