Heathcote Select Entrance 1
Elham Eshraghian-Dear Mona-Single channe
Olivia Ryan Room 1 -1
Olivia Ryan-To a Community Retruned-Scre
Stephanie De Basi-Candlelit Dinner-Found
Stephanie De Basi-High Alert Yel-Found o
Sophie La Maitre-Room 3-1
Sophie La Maitre-Room 3-Variable
Heathcote Select Gallery Floor-Variable-
Robert Kettels-Strata-Painted plywood cu
Sam Bloor-Gallery Floor-Variable-1
Sam Bloor-Gallery Floor-Variable-2
Robert Kettles-Strata-Polished Geographi
Sharon Callow-Gallery Floor-Variable-2

Heathcote Select 2018

Elham Eshraghian, Sharon Callow, Sophie La Maitre, Sam Bloor, Olivia Ryan, Robert Kettels and Stephanie De Biasi


20 October to 25 November 2018

Official Opening: Friday, 19 October 2018

Exhibition Catalogue

Heathcote Museum & Gallery is proud to present Heathcote Select 2018, an exhibition of Western Australian artists selected by curator Jana Braddock.