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 Current Exhibitions 2022

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Body Shots
Bruno Booth

OPENING to 6pm 11 March 2022
Exhibition runs to 24 April


BODY SHOTS is a new exhibition from artist Bruno Booth that considers the representation and identity of people with a disability. An ambitious nine channel video installation with accompanying soundscape confronts the audience with candid views of the disabled body, overlaid upon more familiar and mundane imagery.

BRUNO BOOTH is a disabled artist living in Fremantle, WA. His recent work uses participation and large sculptural forms to create experiential works that challenge the able bodied to navigate a world that is uncomfortable by design. His constructed experiences poke fun at the assumptions many people have surrounding disability and yet they also leave lasting impressions that engender a deeper response from the audience. Booth was a resident at Fremantle Arts Centre (2019), Testing Grounds (2019), PICA (2017) and North Metropolitan TAFE (2017). He has exhibited at widely including at Firstdraft, Casula Powerhouse, PICA, AGWA, and the Fremantle Biennale

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I mean; you could try a ladder?
Ailsa Waddell

OPENING to 6pm 11 March 2022
Exhibition runs to 24 April


I MEAN; YOU COULD TRY THE LADDER? is a new exhibition from early-career artist Ailsa Waddell. At Goolugatup, Ailsa’s exhibition considers the experience of a young person with ADHD.

AILSA WADDELL is a contemporary artist based in Boorloo Perth. In 2020 Ailsa was awarded a BA from Curtin University, and has since exhibited frequently including at PSAS, Pig Melon, and in Fremantle Arts Centre’s print award. Beyond their own artistic practice, Ailsa contributes to the local community as a volunteer at artist run galleries and for the Fremantle Biennale.

Upcoming Exhibitions 2022

Carla Adams, Yearning and Longing, 2022, polyester cord, acrylic eyes, lava stone and glas

Little Looks
Carla Adams

OPENING to 6pm 29 April 2022
Exhibition runs to 12 June


LITTLE LOOKS is a series of sculptural portraits by artist Carla Adams that imagine intimate memories and fleeting moments as tangible objects, as someone real, an optimistic stand-in for what could have been. They echo the futility of trying to capture and tame the ships that pass in the night.

"Imagine locking eyes with the love of your life across the train carriage. What if I told you that the person you walked past with the same shoes as you is your soulmate? Maybe that kid you spoke to at that party 20 years ago could have been your best friend."


Carla Adams is an artist born in Perth. Her work incorporates sculpture, textiles, craft practices, painting, drawing, research and book-making to navigate the complexities of relationships from an embodied, female perspective. Adams’ work has been exhibited widely including at the Art Gallery of WA, PICA, Turner Galleries, Bus Projects , FELTSpace, Verge Gallery, and Blindside. She is currently represented by Aster + Asha Gallery.

Image: Carla Adams, Yearning and Longing, 2022, polyester cord, acrylic eyes, lava stone and glass beads. 32 x 27cm 

Pascale Giorgi, Buffering Please Wait, (video still), 2022 .jpg

Putting on Clown Makeup
Pascale Giorgi

OPENING to 6pm 29 April 2022
Exhibition runs to 12 June

PUTTING ON CLOWN MAKEUP is an exhibition of new sculptural works reimagining the office as a scene of baroque drama. In these works the figure of the clown becomes a tragicomic protagonist who suffers through the self-fulfilling and self-sabotaging work ethic of late capitalism.
In the halo of a spotlight in a darkened room, a Nespresso machine sits waiting to be used. The audience are invited to make themselves a coffee, and as they press the button to expel an espresso, the machine roars the apex of the famous operatic aria Vesti la giubba by Ruggero Leoncavallo. As the shot pours, the music crescendos in the line “Laugh, clown!”, and the banality of the office coffee machine and the baroque drama of the operatic aria unite in the sure sentiment that “the show must go on”.
Giorgi’s exhibition takes its title from the meme “Putting on Clown Makeup”. According to, “Putting on Clown Makeup refers to a series of memes based on a step-by-step tutorial guide for applying clown makeup, used to illustrate a person making an increasingly larger fool of themselves by providing arguments which are deemed increasingly weak or illogical”. The meme has often been used to critique the neoliberal work ethic, which praises ‘bootstrap’ go-getters that dedicate themselves to the hustle, whose logic implies a complete subsumption of life into the realm of work.
Pascale Giorgi is a multidisciplinary artist living in Walyalup Fremantle. In her practice, totems of classical culture are subverted through humour and the absurd to make way for mash-ups, hybrids and (lost-in-) translations, often drawing from her cultural heritage as an Italo-Australian. Giorgi has produced experimental festivals, events, writing, and exhibited in solo and group exhibitions, including at Cool Change, Private Island, Runway, Perth Festival.

Image: Pascale Giorgi, Buffering Please Wait, (video still), 2022

Pascal Proteau
Andy Quilty
Andrea Vinkovic
Jon Tarry
Christopher Young
Christopher Young

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