Handle With Care

Lisa Dymond, Angela McHarrie, Karen Millar, Helen Seiver, Kathy Allam, Sarah Wilkinson and Pascal Proteau

22 August to 27 September 2015

Exhibition Catalogue

The binary opposition of fragility and strength is at the heart of the exhibition, Handle with Care. Through various mediums and approaches, seven artists explore the complex nature of existence.

Fragility is an interesting notion in both life and art. It can communicate delicacy of being or structure, lightness and subtlety. At the other end of the scale, strength can be seen as the power of control, sturdiness and tenacity in the face of adversity. Fragility and strength are not, however, absolute unto themselves. There is that which may appear delicate, but which has an inner unseen strength and that with an unyielding exterior which protects a brittle centre.

Using both robust and delicate materials, the artists in this exhibition examine the notion and intersection of fragility and strength. In doing so, they provide a thought provoking and engaging meditation on the contradictory essence of being.