Goolugatup Sounds

Goolugatup Sounds is a new program of cutting-edge contemporary music. It supports artistic and experimental music performance and appears alongside each exhibition opening at Goolugatup Heathcote gallery. It is curated by Lyndon Blue and produced by Goolugatup and the City of Melville. The 2021 program features:

  • Bambi & Allbrook, Special Feelings Feat. Bad Whipp – 26 March

  • Ghost Gum Reverb, Seacrest Gardens – 16 July

  • Macpherson/Valenti/Carlton/Pass, Rare Faction – 20 August

  • Gia Como, Joel Davis – 8 October

Goo Sounds 4 FB.png

Goolugatup Sounds 4

7pm, Friday 8 October 2021
Gia Como, Joel Davis

Drawing on pop, experimental and club sounds, JOEL DAVIS offers up dance-inflected songcraft in the warm Friday night air before ushering in GIA COMO’s theatrical and heartfelt take on electronic gothic rock.


Musicians take to the stage from 7pm; be sure to arrive early to explore Goolugatup’s incredible array of new exhibitions from Curtis Taylor ( and Luisa Hansal ( This is a FREE event, woodfired pizza, full bar and river views are also guaranteed.

Goolugatup Sounds 3

7pm, Friday 20 August 2021
Macpherson/Valenti/Carlton/Pass, Rare Faction

Get lost in the expansive modular synth creations of Rare Faction, before soaking up the diverse original jazz explorations of Macpherson, Valenti, Carlton and Pass.

Goolugatup Sounds 2

7pm, Friday 16 July 2021
Ghost Gum Reverb, Seacrest Gardens

Experience the uncanny world of Lana Rothnie and Ian Apau Walker's SEACREST GARDENS, where dark digital sounds meet medieval moods, and hear new ensemble GHOST GUM REVERB debut their wild brand of exploratory jazz, built on looping motifs and rich with detail.

Goolugatup Sounds 1

7pm, Friday 26 March 2021
Bambi & Allbrook, Special Feelings Feat. Bad Whipp

Live for the first time, BAMBI & ALLBROOK is the new ambient collaboration of Dominic Simper (Tame Impala) and Nick Allbrook (Pond), an almost-too-perfect meeting of minds from two thoughtful icons of West Coast psychedelia. In the gentle wake of Simper’s debut under the Bambi moniker (2020 EP ‘Unfolding’) and atmospheric journeys such as ‘surf ii’ from Allbrook’s solo catalogue, tonight the two join forces to send mellow frequencies across the Goolugatup gardens as you swan through.

Plumbing totally different, but equally free flowing cosmic latitudes, SPECIAL FEELINGS team up with BAD WHIPP (members of GRIEVOUS BODILY CALM) to offer their distinctive, totally unbridled take on futuristic jazz - suffused with the twinned spirits of instrumental hip-hop and electronic beat music. Expect joyous expression, interweaving instrumental tangents, and a hugely dynamic ride. This rarely-seen supergroup feels less like a band, more like a billowing cloud of musical enthusiasm.