'Gestalt Art of the Graphic Novel'

Graphic novelists Chris Bones, Justin Randall, Shaun Tan, Chris Wahl, Mel Tregonning, Skye Ogden, Anton McKay, Chris Bolton and Mark Welsh.


10 April to 18 May 2008

Gestalt: art of the graphic novel is an exhibition of sequential illustrations (and the creative process behind them) by some of Australia's finest emerging graphic novelists.

Audiences of all ages will be able to get an in-depth view of how graphic novels are created at a new exhibition at Heathcote Museum and Gallery, from 10 April to 18 May 2008. Curator Soula Veyradier said the exhibition reflected on how comics, as an art form, had made a striking impact on contemporary visual culture. Through the inclusion of scripts, thumbnails and other materials alongside finished pages, viewers will be able to gain a unique perspective into the creative development of one of the most innovative and influential art forms of modern times, she said.

Artwork from Waldo's Hawaiian Holiday (the graphic novel sequel to cult film REPO MAN), will be included in the exhibition - glorious, large-scale full colour illustrations by Chris Bones & Justin Randall, with limited edition prints available to purchase.

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