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Fluid State

Sue Briggs


30 January to 25 February 2007


Art lovers have an opportunity to immerse themselves in the work of Sue Briggs at the City of Melville's Heathcote Museum and Gallery, in Applecross. The Perth visual artist is holding an exhibition of her paintings titled Fluid State until Sunday, 25 February. Her work explores bold WA landscapes, places and perspectives, using exquisite colour and strong compositions that draw the viewer in.

Briggs, who has been exhibiting for more than 30 years in Perth and Margaret River, said she rolled paint around on the canvas rather than using brushes to achieve a remarkable fluidity. Sometimes on-canvas areas are dry, sometimes a little moist and the paint responds to these conditions by moving around or by seeping through the canvas, she said. There is a lot of bodily involvement with lifting, shaking, vibrating and tilting of the surface to reach the desired effect.

Gallery Curator Soula Veyradier said the result of Briggs method was a fluid, almost dreamy image of a place the viewer feels they may have already visited.

Briggs, whose paintings may look like watercolours but are made using acrylic paint, said her works had been exhibited in key galleries and were represented in private and public collections. She had also worked on a number of publications, illustrations and art project commissions and had been an artist-in-residence and a tutor.