Ochre Network, Anne Duff
Safe Bet, Jane King
Mural detail, Jane King & Anne Duff
Mural detail 3 for web

Edge of Centre Through the Wall

Jane King & Anne Duff 


28 September to 4 November 2012 

Anne Duff and Jane King have explored the past life of a small corner shop on the city fringe. They peered through the keyhole to another time; when the world was bigger and slower, when old social networks were localised, like single, fragile spider webs stretching delicately out toward each other, connecting thinly, at random. In this technological age it is no longer fantasy to be able to see through walls. New radar technology has been developed that will allow the viewer to peer through solid surfaces in real time with nothing more than a mobile phone. Networks are now dense and far reaching and privacy has become the fantasy.