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Eating Attitude - Visual Hunger

Bridget Waters


16 November to 20 December 2007

Anyone with an appetite for art will be able to feast on the current exhibition at Heathcote Museum and Gallery - the long awaited and highly anticipated first public solo exhibition for Perth food installation artist Bridget Waters.

Bridget Waters, who makes amazing creations that transform food materials into artworks, has prepared an exhibition that explores how food directly affects peoples state of mind. The exhibition includes a pickled ginger fabric, a beautiful example of Waters' unconventional spin on textiles. One artwork entitled Ill be Back in an Hour is dedicated to the artists mother who hated cooking and explains how Waters only ever cooked when her mother went out.

Waters unique food installations are a culmination of her diverse experiences in art, hospitality, design and floristry. She has taken part in numerous group exhibitions and has run workshops at schools and in the broader community. Waters is bound for international success with invitations to produce artworks in Los Angeles, New York, San Diego and Houston in January 2008.