Charmaine Ball, Hannah Becsi, Meghan Gibb, Jane Grierson, Lukas Mack, Bella Scharfenstein & Marina Van Leeuwen

28 July to 2 September 2018

Exhibition Catalogue

Familiar and reliable, WA double brick construction assures us our home will be safe in strong winds and shifting sands, but is that enough? Is the Aussie dream still relevant for the economic, environmental and personal challenges of the future?


In the hands of seven emerging local artists, the humble brick becomes a powerful motif to explore our historical, cultural and economic desires for a stable home of our own. Charmaine Ball, Hannah Besci, Meghan Gibb, Jane Grierson, Lukas Mack, Bella Scharfenstein and Marina van Leeuwen use sculpture, painting, photography and drawing to present unique responses that investigate not only our connection to the conventional suburban model but also the cavities and voids hidden behind the brick facade.

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