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Katrina Barber, Greg Barr, David Guhl, Rebecca Johnston and Jane Ryan

Coordinated by Susie Waller

27 March - 9 May 2021

Opening 26 March 2021 6-8pm


CounterpART is an exhibition of leading Western Australian artists who have an intellectual disability. The artists involved represent diverse practices including painting, sculpture, and textile and ceramics. This exhibition is an important opportunity to showcase the excellence of the artists as well as their distinctive perspectives andexperience. 

CounterpART features the immersive sculptural installations of Katrina Barber, which combine beaded repurposed objects with colour-changing lights to communicate recent experiences of loss and grief. Noongar artist Greg Barr creates emotive abstract paintings that detail elements of his cultural heritage. David Guhl makes vibrant and colourful works of the Western Australian landscape in a distinct and iconic style. The work of Rebecca Johnston is inspired by her childhood friend, 'Pippa' – a daschund. Each of Johnston's quirky dogs has a unique character, including attentive ears, panting tongues and wagging tails. Jane Ryan works in embroidery and draws inspiration for her work from memories of her family, friends and New Zealand heritage. The exhibition is curated by Susie Waller, Manager of As We Are.

View the room sheet here.

Photo: Dan Grant