Sewing mends the..., Jan Withers
Prince Timmy
Jaye Quin
Little Miss Tuffet
N for
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Bill and Ben
Falling in love
You got me all stitched up baby
Jaye Quin, Artist books
Construck poster


Lisa Bowden, Naomi Byrne, Arianne Flora,

Jaye Quin, Jan Withers


26 May to 01 July 2012


Five Western Australian artists, who also work in the art education sector, present an exhibition that explores personal narratives and the everyday via the use of found objects, layering, construction and assemblage.


It is the magic of materials, the construction of images, threads of text and the playful act of assemblage that builds the common backbone to our work. Inspired by our personal journeys, stories are built in either a symbolic, abstract or narrative manner, sometimes to shock, sometimes to seduce, sometimes to ponder, sometimes to wonder....


The beauty of the found....the found object, the found idea and the found emotion are constructed, layered and embedded, for the audience to find their own viewpoint.


Concrete candles, silky water, wired women - hands in motion, crosswords bound and tied, then left in a daze. Neutral palettes and a pop of colour heightening the industrial and construction. Images built on clash and fusion, the raw and the laboured, forgotten marks and the prophetic.

Lisa Bowden

The found object has always interested me in that whilst discarded, it searches soulfully for a new owner. The adoption of this random surface or object is the beginning of a new journey for both of us.

Naomi Byrne

I invite you to construct your own words and messages Inspired by lettering, scrambled alphabets, visual communication and language. Im interested in the possibilities of word play and drawn to the intricate detail that can be created through fine line and pattern.

Arianne Flora

Beauty and humour in the everyday are valued and appreciated. I work with my immediate surroundings and that takes me on a path to the whimsical icon. The sensations, contradictions and raw beauty of urban culture are captivating, and Im driven by the clash and chaos of the every day street environment.

Jan Withers

I am creating fashion inspired sculptural pieces using chicken wire, flywire, jewellery wire and other hard-edged, raw materials, creating pieces that are feminine and yet have a hard and industrial inspired edge to them.  My body of work also includes spray painted panels, which are also fashion inspired but demonstrate a street art feel to them.

Jaye Quin

I like to push the boundaries of book art and for this exhibition will be using found objects and materials, metal and pieces of hardware and will include examples of moveable books (pop-up books and interactive books with moving parts)