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Habitation & Decay
Ben Crappsley


3 July - 15 August 2021

Opening 16 July 2021 6-8pm

Ben Crappsley presents 'Habitation & Decay', an exhibition proposing the cockroach as a helpful subject in considering positive and negative aspects of our own society’s environmental occupation. Cockroaches are often viewed as a pest that needs to be removed from our domestic habitat. Though they share our space, they dwell in a substratum of our built environment and our psyche. Crappsley’s mixed-media works combine images of the insect with those of human habitation to reconsider our shared relationship.

Ben Crappsley is a Perth-based contemporary artist working in painting, drawing, aerosol, sculpture, and photomedia. His work considers the everyday environment as a place of potential intrigue and imagination. Crappsley received a Master’s in Visual Art from Curtin University in 2011, and has since exhibited widely including at the Bunbury Biennale and Nyisztor Studio. He has received commissions for public art and illustration, and is also an arts worker and teacher, including at DAADA and FAC.

View the room sheet here.

Photo: Dan Grant