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HCP Gallery

Robert Kettels-Strata-Filter lighting ge

Image Credit: Robert Kettels, Strata (detail). Installation view, Heathcote Gallery, 2018.

Applications are currently closed.


Please read through all of the below information carefully before submitting an application.


HCP Gallery seeks applications for ambitious exhibitions, events and curatorial projects for our gallery space located at Heathcote Cultural Precinct (HCP) 10 minutes from the CBD of Perth. We seek to show critical, innovative, contemporary arts practice. Spaces are limited, and selection is competitive.

Proposals will be open to individual artists, artist groups, and curators. We exhibit both emerging and established artists.


Heathcote seeks conceptually cohesive proposals and critically-engaging practices. All applications are assessed by a selection panel comprised of both internal staff and independent arts professionals. The Gallery Curator is available to discuss applications prior to submission by phone or at the Gallery by prior appointment.


Please contact the Gallery Curator on 9364 5666 or if you require further information.


Please consider your application carefully to ensure that all material is included in you submission.

Selection Criteria
  • A pursuit of Ideas and artistic excellence

  • Clear communication of exhibition’s intent

  • How conceptually cohesive / critically-engaging is the proposal?

  • Public Engagement

  • Adequate material to asses the proposal

  • Consideration of the physical requirements of the exhibition space and artwork proposed

  • Ability to contribute to a balanced exhibition program (i.e similar mediums or themes also exhibiting within the year)

General information


Housed in a heritage building within the Heathcote Cultural Precinct, the Gallery is a place where visitors can engage with the artwork of contemporary exhibitors working in a variety of mediums. Through its annual program of exhibitions HCP Gallery seeks to promote and stimulate discussion about the arts and broader cultural issues.

Duration of exhibitions


Exhibitions cover a period of approximately six weeks including installation and dismantle. An exhibition is an important commitment on the part of both Gallery and exhibitor. There may be a considerable time between accepting an exhibition and exhibiting the work. It is important that any commitment to exhibit be considered seriously at the submission stage.


The Gallery may negotiate with the exhibitor to extend or reduce an exhibition if required.


There is an allowance for a three to four day installation and one day to dismantle within the exhibition period.


Image Credit: Jess Day, Becoming one of Them, video work (still) 2016




Heathcote has the following audio-visual equipment for use:

•  Dedicated blacked out AV room

•  Optima PO-EH501 108P 5000ANSI Lumen Projector

•  Amber Tech 16:9 fixed projection screen 106

•  Dedicated remote AV computer


Please contact us for more specific details on this equipment.

Heathcote Gallery

Image Credit: Merrick Belyea, The Majestic, (installation view) 2014

Gallery administration and opening hours


The Gallery is open:

Tuesday to Friday – 10.00 am to 3.00 pm

Saturday and Sunday – 12 noon to 4.00pm


A staff member is present to oversee each exhibition, answer public inquiries and manage art sales.


Fees and charges for the exhibition


HCP is pleased to offer exhibitions to artists at no cost. A refundable bond does apply, and exhibitors are required to maintain public liability insurance.

Sale of works


The Gallery administers all art sales relating to the exhibition. Exhibitors with commercial dealers need to discuss art sales with the Gallery Curator prior to accepting an exhibition. A 25% commission plus GST applies to all works sold during the exhibition (including pre-opening and opening period).




The exhibitor is responsible for costs and organisation of insurance of artworks in transit and on display at the Gallery, as stated in the Exhibition Agreement. All care will be taken to ensure that security of the exhibition is of the highest standard.


Public liability cover is not available from the City of Melville and exhibitors will need to ensure they have this insurance. A copy of the exhibitor’s liability insurance policy must be presented prior to the exhibition.




A bond of $300 must be paid on acceptance of the offer to exhibit. The bond will be forfeited if:

•  The Gallery is damaged in any way

•  Equipment and resources provided by the Gallery are damaged or lost

•  The proposed exhibition is cancelled or withdrawn

•  Materials and objects from the exhibition are not removed within the allocated time

Promotional material and mail out


The Gallery will print a maximum of 800 full colour, two sided DL invitations and 200 A4 full colour catalogues.


The design, print and distribution of the invitations and the posters will be managed by the City of Melville, to ensure compliance and consistency.


The City of Melville will coordinate the mail out. The Exhibitors should provide a database list of names and addresses for invitation mail out specifically for their exhibition.


Exhibitors may request up to 50 DL invitations for their records and to distribute as they wish.  This is not in addition to the 800 invitations printed.


Media release


In association with the exhibitor and the Gallery Curator the City of Melville will produce and distribute a media release to local and national media.


Delivery and collection of work


The exhibitor is responsible for all costs associated with transporting work to and from the Gallery. Exhibitors are to liaise with the Gallery Curator for the delivery of work to the gallery prior to installation week. On exhibition close, the exhibitor must remove unsold work and packing materials immediately – the Gallery does not have storage facilities and must make room for incoming artists.



As standard the Gallery allows three to four days to install an exhibition, and one day to dismantle it.


Other requirements may be discussed with the Curator. Exhibitors will be required to be in attendance on these days and available to assist during installation week. Failure to do so will incur a charge to cover additional installation staff.


The Gallery Curator is responsible for the exhibition presentation and will direct installation of the exhibition. All material destined for exhibition must be approved by the Gallery Curator prior to installation.


  •  All exhibition display requirements and works for display are to be discussed during the development of the exhibition and signed off by the Gallery Curator four weeks prior to the installation dates.

  • Any special/technical/sound/multimedia requirements need to be discussed and approved by the Gallery Curator four weeks prior to installation dates.

  • The gallery utilises a track system requiring works to be hung using D-rings. All artworks must be ready to hang prior to installation or will not be included in the exhibition. Alternate hanging systems are at the discretion of the Gallery Curator and must be discussed prior to installation.

  • No drilling into walls or ceilings is permitted under any circumstance.

  • Lightweight elements may be affixed to the wall using temporary fixatives or fasteners that will leave no residue, discolouring of the wall or cause paint surfaces to peel. 

  • The Gallery uses track lighting (wall washers and spot lights).

  • The Gallery is able to supply some plinths. Lockable glass cabinets or additional plinths need to be organised by the Exhibitor.

  • The City of Melville will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to the Exhibitor’s own equipment.


Opening function


Opening functions are strictly for two hour duration between 6.00 pm and 8.00 pm on a week night, usually on Friday. Additional costs will be incurred by the exhibitor for a function that exceeds the time limit set ($100.00 per hr).


The gallery will manage RSVPs for all openings.


Gallery staff will be present during the opening function to welcome guests and take sales. The costs associated with staffing the exhibition during the opening evening will be covered by the Gallery.


The gallery will provide a limited selection of wine and soft drinks as well as some food for the opening night function, however if the artist requires anything specific or further entertainment this will be at the cost to the artist.


For further information please contact:

Gallery Curator

City of Melville

Tel: (08) 9364 5666


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