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Alana Di Giacomo


14 May - 27 June 2021

Opening 14 May 2021 6-8pm

Alana Di Giacomo's exhibition Outgrowth examines the ways organic matter and human elements can entwine and interact. Found materials, both industrial and organic, are reinterpreted as hybrids and new forms. Di Giacomo presents a series of poetical sculptures and installation art that respond to the natural and historical context of Goolugatup Heathcote.

Alana Di Giacomo is a multidisciplinary contemporary artist based in Fremantle. Di Giacomo received a Masters of Visual Art from VCA, Melbourne, and has a practice based in material exploration: "I am interested in how organic matter can disintegrate into abstract images as if one material passes into another form in an unstable manner. To explore a real physicality and movement contained within the works. As if walking around something and being confronted by its tactility, weight, texture, tension and decay."

View the room sheet here.

Photo: Dan Grant