2008 Exhibitions

Uncertain Ground

Siglinde Johannesson, Gail Russell, Louise Morrison and Helen Bodycoat


11 November to 21 December 2008

Cover Up

A solo exhibition by Olga Cironis for the Tilt program


26 September to 2 November  2008


New works by Robyn Walton


15 August to 21 September 2008


new directions by ten contemporary jewelers:

Helena Bogucki, Claire Brooks, Kim Christian, Carolyn Gorman, Jessica Jubb, Nicole Lance, Carrie McDowell, Claire Moody, Leah Tarlo and Fern Vallesi

11 July to 10 August 2008


New works by Robyn Bogdanis


23 May to 29 June 2008

Gestalt Art of the Graphic Novel

Chris Bones, Justin Randall, Shaun Tan, Chris Wahl, Mel Tregonning, Skye Ogden, Anton McKay, Chris Bolton and Mark Welsh


10 April to 18 May 2008

Material Pleasure

TAFE arts school graduates Gemma Dodd, Natalie Williamson, Mandy Harwood, Melissa Carey and Katie Martin


29 February to 6 April 2008


A Photographic Journey by Louise Mann


18 January to 24 February